10 Classic Musicals To Enjoy At Home

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

The pandemic is AWFUL. 

The gift of time to enjoy some classic musicals? FANTASTIC! 

Here's my suggested list of ten - some you'll definitely know, some, maybe not. But ALL are guaranteed to help lift your spirits. 

Happy Watching! ... and singing along! 

Marion xox #LaughingRedhead #MusicalTheatreNerd #MusicalTheatre

PS. These are in no particular order ... but I did put the most popular near the end ... 💕

Oliver! This film is one where I think the libretto was vastly improved in the transfer to screen. The score is wonderful and Ron Moody is to die for. 🥣

Bells Are Ringing If you're not familiar with Judy Holliday - you are in for a treat! This musical was written for her by her dear friends, Betty Comden and Adolph Green. I'm so sorry to tell you that she died shortly after this film was made - cancer. She was a true comedic STAR. Please watch this film and keep her star shining. 📞


Top Hat If you've not introduced your kids to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, this is the perfect film to do it. Weren't they incredible? 🎩

Fiddler On The Roof As a Canadian, I'm super proud to tell you that the Director (Norman Jewison) responsible for this GORGEOUS imagining on the screen was from Canada! I can't rave enough about the visual and emotional scope of this film. Bonus: John Williams adapted and conducted the score - sumptuous! 🤩

Gigi Watch this movie three times. First: for the romance Second: for the costumes#Swoon Third: Maurice Chevalier - this film proves why he was a legend. 👒

Annie Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry, classic musical theatre belting and orphans doing backflips - what's not to love? 🎵

Meet Me In St Louis An incredible example of just how fabulous Judy Garland was, in a breathtaking film by her, then husband, Vincent Minelli. It also has what is quite possibly the most stunning performance by a child actor - Margaret O'Brien. 🚋

Singin' In The Rain This is considered to be the best movie musical ever made. I agree! ☔️

The Sound Of Music Julie Andrews. Canadian, Christopher Plummer. If you need any portion of this film recited from memory, please let me know. 😉

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz It's incredible how well this film has held up over the years. The score is wonderful and the magic is still intact! 🌈

Thanks for reading! 💕

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