6 (Sinfully Delicious!) Musical Theatre Villain Songs To Love 🖤

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2020

We spend most of every day attempting to be kind and thoughtful of others ... so how can you pass up the opportunity to be evil in a song? It's SO much fun! 😈 

In an audition, approximately 80 to 90% of all singers will sing about love - having it, not having it, losing it, hating it.

Why not stand out and sing about being evil? 

Here are six of my favourite Musical Theatre Villain songs to get you started.

Have fun being bad! 😉 

*click on the song title for a free accompaniment track and a link to a copy of the sheet music*

Forbidden Fruit - The Apple Tree 🍎 

What's the story? The serpent in the Garden of Eden is trying to convince Eve to take a bite of the infamous apple. 

Why is it sinfully delicious? The music is sneaky and fun! This is an elegant and devious villain to play.

Sensitivity - Once Upon A Mattress 🛏 

What's the story? The (evil?) Queen is trying to come up with a way to get rid of Princess of Winnifred ... and thinks up the pea under the mattress plan.

Why is it sinfully delicious? She's a total diva, in all the best ways! 

Rosa's Confession - The Mystery Of Edwin Drood 🔍 

What's the story? Rosa confesses to murdering her fiancé ... but she was tricked into doing so by a man she has despised for years.

Why is it sinfully delicious? Rosa descends from perfect, delicate 'Dresden Doll' to hysterical murderer! 

My Name - Oliver! 🕴🏼

What's the story? Evil villain Bill Sykes introduces himself to the audience, intimidating everyone in the process.

Why is it sinfully delicious? The melody is endlessly creepy and this guy is a bully in every way.

Dentist - Little Shop Of Horrors 🦷 

What's the story? A dentist shares just how much he LOVES inflicting pain! 

Why is it sinfully delicious? Is there anyone who hasn't experienced pain at the dentist's office? Here's your chance to use that life experience! 

Lonely Room - Oklahoma! 🐁 

What's the story? Angry and frightening Judd shares his frustration with living a lonely room without the woman he's obsessed with.

Why is it sinfully delicious? The tension in this piece is incredible.

Thanks for reading! 💕 

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