Five Fantastic (and Competitive) Songs for Young Voices

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

Finding great repertoire for young voices that stands out competitively is a tough job. And if you're reading this, chances are that you're (very!) weary of Naughty (Matilda), Little People (Les Miz) and In My Own Little Corner (Cinderella). I feel that! 🥴

Here are five of my favourite, not done to death, competitive songs for young voices. Click on the titles for a free accompaniment track and a link to obtain sheet music.

*Although these songs were written specifically for male or female characters, all songs work for all genders in unchanged voices.*

Different - Honk

What is it? The 'ugly duckling' sings about being different and wanting to get along with everyone else.

Who does it suit? Singers with beautiful phrasing and loads of empathy.

Why does it win? If performed with love and grace, everyone can connect with not fitting in and gets pulled into this heart breaking, relatable story.


I Want To Go Home - Big

What is it?  Twelve year old Josh has just arrived in New York City on his own. He's excited! ... until he's not and just wants to go home.

Who does it suit? Solid actors who can change levels easily.

Why does it win? This piece shows off comedic timing, acting chops and vocal range. It allows the performer to show huge range and ability.


A Day For The Cat In The Hat - Seussical

What is it? The Cat in the Hat tells us all about how much fun a day could be ... so much better than a day that is 'rainy and grey and as neat as a pin'.

Who does it suit? Performers who are extremely musical and mischievous!

Why does it win? The Cat In the Hat (like Snoopy in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown) is a tour de force role for a reason. It demands so much of the performer, and this song proves that. It shows off fantastic vocal range and bold, daring energy!


Kids - Bye Bye Birdie

What is it? A frustrated parent shares his feelings about how hard it is to raise kids ... and why can't they be perfect? Like he was when he was young?

Who does it suit? Performers with brilliant comedic instincts.

Why does it win? It takes skill and rehearsal to pull off the many (many!) comedic beats and levels in this piece well. It's the perfect showcase for a budding comic performer.


Sayonara - How To Eat Like A Child

What is it? This singer has just cut her brother's hair ... short ... very. And has been banished to her room. She decides to leave home and never come back.

Who does it suit? A performer with a HUGE personality and a voice to match.

Why does it win? This is a familiar story that everyone can relate to. It's extended story arc provides a huge canvas for a talented performer to paint their brightest colours as both an actor and singer.


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