Happy Birthday Irving Berlin!

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020
May 11th: Happy Birthday Irving Berlin! 🎂

There's a famous story about Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin. When asked what place Irving Berlin had in American Music, Kern responded: "Irving Berlin has no place in American Music. Irving Berlin is American Music." And in a way, in my opinion, Kern was absolutely correct.

Everyone knows Berlin is responsible for White Christmas and God Bless America, but there are COUNTLESS other songs he gave us that provide a fabric of the past and comfort for our present. 

Here are five that I think every singer should know. (It was REALLY hard to narrow it down to just five!!!🤪)

Cheek To Cheek: Romantic, elegant, classic. 

Puttin' On The Ritz: Perhaps one of the most indelible portraits of Fred Astaire, this song is SO much fun to sing.

Love You Didn't Do Right By Me: The often overlooked GEM in the White Christmas score. It's so sexy and sad and raw.

Always: This piece continues to be so moving - perfect for so many occasions and events. 

Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning: My fave! Irving Berlin HATED waking up early and always slept in until at least 1pm. During both WWI and WWII Berlin joined the army and was part of the outfit that entertained the troops, often near the front lines and was in danger most of the time he did this work. This song is his personal 'rant' about army life and it's so much fun! 

*click on the song titles for an accompaniment track and a link to the sheet music*

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