Julie Andrews: Five Fabulous Songs To Revisit

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

Julie Andrews. *insert sighs of adulation here* 🤩

The Boyfriend, My Fair Lady, Cinderella, Camelot, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Victor/Victoria. Her career was astounding! And of course we all know her 'greatest hits' - Spoonful of Sugar, My Favourite Things, Wouldn't It Be Loverly, In My Own Little Corner ... But what about other songs she introduced on stage and screen?

Here are five fabulous songs of hers to reconsider ... plus it's an excuse to revisit her work and that's always a win! 

*as always, click on the song title for a free accompaniment track and a link to the sheet music*

Stay Awake - Mary Poppins

Probably the least celebrated of the Mary Poppins film score, but one of the most intimate musical moments. A beautiful lullaby that always enchants.

I Have Confidence - The Sound Of Music

I learned, reading Ms Andrews' most recent book, that the song Richard Rodgers delivered for this moment in the film was NOT what ended up on screen. Apparently it was quite 'thin' and Ms. Andrews credits the film's music director for the arrangement we all know and admire. A tour de force for any singer actor.

Without You - My Fair Lady

This piece marks Eliza's moment of triumph over Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. It's got sass, it's got joy and it's got a delicious line to deliver with a cockney accent - what's not to love?! 

You and Me - Victor/Victoria 

Ms. Andrews performed this duet with the great Robert Preston in Victor/Victoria and it's DELIGHTFUL. It works for singers of all ages and never fails to entertain and charm an audience.

I Loved You Once In Silence - Camelot

This piece is misconceiving in that it sounds like the character is going to be okay while they're sharing an enormous struggle with heartache and pain. It's the perfect example of Julie Andrews: incredible strength and passion, encased in a classy, wise and inscrutable lady. 

Thanks for reading! 💕

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