She Loves Me - A Treasure Trove Of Songs!

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

She Loves Me - A Treasure Trove Of Songs!

She Loves Me is a gem of a musical written by Joe Masteroff, with an AMAZING score written by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock. It opened on April 23rd, 1963, starring Barbra Cook and her sublime soprano. #Swoon

She Loves Me is a TREASURE TROVE of songs for singers! Each has a fantastic story arc for an actor to play with and gorgeous melodic lines to show off the voice. And they count as Golden Age repertoire, the genre that's usually the most challenging for singers and teachers to find. #Bonus I can't recommend the following songs enough - click on titles for sheet music and, in some cases, accompaniment tracks:  

Female Characters:

Vanilla Ice Cream - a fantastic comedic piece that shows off a crackerjack soprano range

I Resolve - a fierce and fun song about deciding to make big changes!

A Trip To The Library - a brilliant comedic song

Will He Like Me - another wonderful option to show off legit soprano range

Dear Friend - a DEVASTATING portrait of being stood up ... that's gorgeous to sing! 

Male Characters:

Try Me - this is an excellent tour de force for a young performer - there's so much to dive into in this piece

She Loves Me - one of my all time FAVOURITE pieces for sharing excitement, energy and joy!

Tonight At Eight - the comedic range in this piece is absolute dynamite! *try to get a copy of this song from the score that includes a different version of the opening lines*


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