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"Our daughter, Isla, has had the privilege of working with Marion Abbott in a variety of capacities. Most recently, Isla was cast in a production of Into the Woods, both directed and music directed by Marion. Following every rehearsal, Isla would share a new insight or recount a cast activity organized by Marion that strengthened their performance, vocal skills, musicality, and acting. Isla left each rehearsal inspired and eager to learn more. Not only did Marion sharpen the cast’s skill sets, but she also encouraged the cast to consider their approach to theatre and the role ‘joy’ and ‘breath’ both played in performance. Shortly after rehearsals began, Isla started “Marion’s Book of Wisdom”, a journal where she recorded all of Marion’s tips and advice; a journal she continues to fill whenever she has the opportunity to visit Marion for vocal coaching and performance preparation. Marion has helped her prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, Kiwanis Music Festival performances, and auditions. Not only has she supported Isla with piano accompaniment, but her presence at exams and performances builds confidence and alleviates nerves. We are looking forward to further opportunities to work with this fabulous director, mentor, and friend!" - Gillian

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