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How To Give A Knockout Performance: The Guide To Preparing A Performance That Wins

Are you tired of inconsistent performances on stage or in the audition room? 🙁

Forgetting lyrics or just not connecting with the audience the way you wanted to? 😢

Are you bewildered by what exactly you should do to get a piece performance ready? 😣

We totally understand! And we have a solution! 👍🏻

How To Give A Knockout Performance is a duplicable system of preparation that you can apply to any spoken piece or song, over and over again! 

By working through the steps in this proven system, you will prepare your mind, body and heart to deliver a knockout performance to any audience or audition panel.

Marion's inimitable humour, mixed with her unique and amazing teaching ability make this course fun, easy to understand and possible to achieve immediate improvement. 

A successful process that Marion created and taught over and over to performers of all ages and levels. Resulting in solid, knockout performances, each and every time. 💯

For the first time ever, she's making this duplicable system available to performers and performance teachers! 😱

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Why You'll Love How To Give A Knockout Performance:

It's Easy To Follow

Marion breaks down each step into manageable tasks with clear objectives.

It Delivers Immediate Results

Each completed step adds more depth to your performing, which you'll notice instantly.

It's Hilarious

If you know Marion, you know she always adds her humour into the mix. If you don't know Marion, you're in for a good laugh as you learn!

It's Duplicable

You can apply this system of preparation over and over and over again to every piece, spoken or sung, you perform. 

It's Simple

To complete this course, you'll need a copy of the piece you're working on, a pencil and access to the internet for research. That's it. No additional purchases or fancy add ons required. 

What's Included

Marion's unique, one of a kind system for preparing a live performance.

Concise videos that explain each step in detail with clear instructions.

Fifteen+ modules that include text work, physicality, breath, emotional journey and the one secret sauce that only YOU can bring to your piece!

Support documents to help you take notes and track your progress through the course. 

Plus a few fun bonuses ... but we can't spill the beans ... yet! 😉


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Who Is It For?

Performers of all ages and abilities, looking to up their game on stage and in the audition room.

Teachers of performers looking for a go-to system to help make their students performance and audition ready with any piece at any time.

Parents of young performers looking for a step by step process to work through with their child and help them feel and look like a superstar on stage.

This Sounds Like A Great Fit For Me!

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We’ve been working with Marion for two years for our daughter’s development in musical theatre, during this time we’ve witnessed a tremendous growth in her ability to perform and express through song. Marion’s creative thinking and understanding on how to connect with her has made a positive contribution to her growth. Marion’s professionalism, technique, dedication and strong sense of responsibility is truly admirable and irreplaceable. We are so very fortunate to have partnered up with Marion for our daughters development in musical theatre." - Liliana


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