How To Choose Competitive Rep: Workshop

Registration Now Open!

As many of you already know, I passionately believe that repertoire choices are key to the success of your students.

Having adjudicated 8 different festivals during this past season, I have never felt more certain about the fact that what we choose for our students to sing in competitive situations can make all the difference between winning, losing, succeeding and failing. Song selection is absolutely vital to their success.

In order to pass along my fervent passion on this subject  I'm offering a workshop!

Here are all the details:

How To Choose Competitive Rep
We will cover the following: 
- why competitive rep matters
- what makes a song competitive?
- what makes a song painfully NOT competitive? 
- what are the exceptions to these rules?
And then, fast assessments of YOUR rep selections. Upon registering, you will be invited to submit a list of up to 10 songs you love giving to students and I'll give you an assessment of how competitive they are. Whatever we don't cover during the workshop, I will send out in an email afterward.
When: Sunday October 3rd
Time: 7:30pm-9pmEST *sign in at 7:15pm for chatting!
Where: Zoom 
(Recording will be made available for a week afterward for those wishing to watch/listen again or those who can't make the live session)
Cost: $75CAD

We’ve been working with Marion for two years for our daughter’s development in musical theatre, during this time we’ve witnessed a tremendous growth in her ability to perform and express through song. Marion’s creative thinking and understanding on how to connect with her has made a positive contribution to her growth. Marion’s professionalism, technique, dedication and strong sense of responsibility is truly admirable and irreplaceable. We are so very fortunate to have partnered up with Marion for our daughters development in musical theatre." - Liliana


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