Marion Abbott is proud to launch her first annual Musical Theatre Competition for

Young Performers! 

Young Performers will have the opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from a judging panel made up of Canadian Musical Theatre Professionals, place in the top three in their classes and/or receive awards of special recognition. Brief workshops, song suggestions and swag all make this a unique competitive opportunity for young performers who are passionate about musical theatre.  Marion's goal is to provide a musical theatre competition opportunity that offers actionable feedback from true Musical Theatre Pros and to CELEBRATE the talent of young performers! Continue reading to find out more about the In Person and Online competition options.

Competitive Classes

All of the competitive classes are offered for both the In Person and Online competitions. All of the classes are divided by school grade. For competitors who are home schooled, please enter the class that best reflects your age. Competitors may enter a maximum of two classes - Musical Theatre Performance and Show Stopper.

What do the fees include?

Each competitor will receive the following for each class they enter:

  • three comment/suggestions sheets from three different Musical Theatre Pros
  • a mini workshop lead by Marion Abbott
  • a personal song suggestion by Marion Abbott
  • a certificate of participation
  • awards for the winners of each class
  • fun swag!

All The Details


Registration deadline for ALL entries is

Sunday March 6th at 9:00pm.



Who are the judges?

There will be three judges on the panel. Marion has sent out invites and is waiting for confirmations before we post their names. The judges will be artists who've worked professionally in Musical Theatre as Performers, Directors, Producers, Choreographers, Musical Directors or a combo of any of those roles. We will post their info as SOON as we have confirmed their availability. 

Although not every competitor can win first place, it is Marion's goal that every competitor leave the experience feeling encouraged and empowered.