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Preparing a song for performance can be super overwhelming! Marion has created a step by step checklist you can apply to your work to make sure you don't overlook any aspect and deliver fantastic performances each and every time. 

Here are all the details: 

What: Marion teaches performers how to make a song performance/audition/competition ready, with her inimitable style of teaching, humour and passion for young performing artists. Step by step, Marion will lead the class through a series of exercises and ideas for their pieces. Performers will be given a list of elements to consider and work on to elevate their songs from great to FANTASTIC! At the end of the session, Marion will distribute a PDF containing the checklist for the performers to use again and again in their future work.

Who Is It For?: Performers under the age of 19 are invited to participate. Contact Marion directly at [email protected].com to discuss individual suitability.

Requirements: Before the class, each participant will send Marion a video of themselves performing the musical theatre piece they have chosen to work on during the class. For the actual classes, each participant needs to have a printed copy of the sheet music for this same song, pencils, a notebook, access to the internet for research and snacks! 

Where: Marion will meet with participants via Zoom. 

When: Sunday February 13th, Sunday February 20th

Time: 4pm to 6:30pm EST

Cost: $145

Registration: Click below where it says 'Sign Up!' Registration closes Thursday February 10th.

What else: Space is limited in order to help the participants gain as much as possible from the program. Marion has been coaching young performers to winning performances for twenty years. It’s one of her most favourite things to do.

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We’ve been working with Marion for two years for our daughter’s development in musical theatre, during this time we’ve witnessed a tremendous growth in her ability to perform and express through song. Marion’s creative thinking and understanding on how to connect with her has made a positive contribution to her growth. Marion’s professionalism, technique, dedication and strong sense of responsibility is truly admirable and irreplaceable. We are so very fortunate to have partnered up with Marion for our daughters development in musical theatre." - Liliana


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