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I love connecting fantastic songs with singers of all levels and voice teachers! Check out my free accompaniment tracks, song lists or my Rep Book Course, all created to connect you to fabulous songs. Questions? Requests? Drop me a line anytime! 

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No Safe Harbour: A Diary Of The Halifax Explosion

No Safe Harbour is a dramatization of the book by Julie Lawson, published by Scholastic Canada as part of their Dear Canada series. Join us on the anniversary of the explosion, December 4th, 5th and 6th as we share the story as told through the eyes of a 12 year old girl named Charlotte. Click here for tickets and more information.

Christmas At Home: An Online Christmas Concert

Celebrate the magic, the hilarity and the mystery of Christmas with Christmas At Home. Over 60 artists from all over Ontario will share a plethora of Christmas favourites and their extraordinary talent, from the safety of their homes. The performers are all different ages, from different backgrounds and different walks of life; but all love Christmas music and can't wait to share some with you!  Click here for tickets.

400+ Disney Song Suggestions!

A list of Song Suggestions from the Disney catalogue for singers and voice teachers! Includes a list of Duets, Pop Songs, Villain Songs (my fav!) and Songs For Very Tiny Performers. Download the PDF now! 


300 Song Suggestions For Singers 11yrs and Younger!

300 Song Suggestions suitable for singers 11yrs old and younger. Songs from Broadway, Movie Musicals, and Sesame Street, perfect for younger voices. A list of Ballads, Up Tempos and 'Misbehaving Characters' and an annual list update - all included.  Download the PDF now! 


100 Suggestions For Teaching Private Lessons

Ideas and encouragement for Teachers offering private lessons. Suggestions on everything from stickers to social media to personal boundaries, to help you get the most out of your valuable lesson time with your students. Download your copy now!

Free Accompaniment Tracks

Musical Theatre, Disney, Duets, Sondheim, Jazz Standards, Canadian Musical Theatre - new tracks added every weekday. Enjoy!

How To Build A Competitive Rep Book: Online Course

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“Marion Abbott is the best! Marion’s knowledge and expertise paired with her passion and humour make her a perfect teacher. She has a way of offering constructive criticism in a fun and positive way that elicits the best performance possible. I look forward to any opportunities my daughter may have to work with her.”  - Rebecca

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