700 Song Suggestions

700 Song Suggestions for singers of all ages and their voice teachers! Lists include songs from Musical Theatre, Jazz Standards, Disney Movies, Film and Film Musicals and Pop. Be inspired by new material and honest feedback on why each song is fantastic. Duets, Trios, Quartets and songs for Group performance are also included. It's the new music resource everyone's raving about. Download your copy today!

100 Suggestions For Teaching Private Lessons

100 Suggestions For Teaching Private Lessons is for Teachers who give private lessons. After many years of teaching, Marion offers practical, actionable advice on everything from how to handle social media to why it's important to share what you're learning with your students. Funny, helpful, inspiring. One hundred ideas to help elevate your teaching and help you get the most out of your private lessons with your students. Get your copy here today!

How To Parent A Child In The Arts: A Guidebook For All Seasons

How To Parent A Child In The Arts: A Guidebook For All Seasons is for parents whose children are involved in the arts - singing, acting, dancing, piano, flute, musical theatre, etc. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your child's artistic journey. Includes 'survival tips' on common arts events like Recitals and Exams. Practical, actionable advice, delivered with Marion's inimitable honesty and humour. Download your copy here! 

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“Marion is truly remarkable!  Marion’s ability to diagnose specific vocal challenges and choose the perfect rep to work through these challenges is truly astounding. Marion is clear, concise and incredibly perceptive while always maintaining her sense of humour and fun! “ - Joanna
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